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Panasonic Lumix (2023)
 / Film Directed by Diana Olifirova (Ukraine)
Official Selection, Dance Camera West (USA)
⚡Festival Feature, Nosakhari Film Festival (UK)
⚡Official Selection, Sunderland Short Film Festival (UK)
⚡Finalist, Santorini Film Festival (Greece)
⚡Best Low Budget Film, Berlin Music Video Festival (Germany)
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Arte Radio (2023)
La Derniere Nuit d’Anne Bonny
Music by Michael Liot re: Evergreen/Radio Nova
Best Music, Paris Podcast Festival
Listen here (5:00)
MTV Unplugged (2020)
Liam Gallagher (Live at Hull City Hall)
⚡MTV Europe Music Rock Icon Award
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Oxford University Press (2018)
Mermikides, Milton, and Eugene Feygelson, 'The shape of musical improvisation', in Daniel Leech-Wilkinson, and Helen M. Prior (eds), Music and Shape. Oxford University Press
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Music Performance Research (2013)
Dolan, D., Sloboda, J., Jensen, H. J., Crüts, B., & Feygelson, E. (2013). The improvisatory approach to classical music performance: an empirical investigation into its characteristics and impact. Music Performance Research, 6, 1-38.
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Music Composition for Film & TV

The Ritual (2017) Creative Violin onFour Tents’
Music by Ben Lovett re: Hellraiser
Film directed by David Bruckner
Starring Rafe Spall, Arsher Ali
Best Effects, British Independent Film Awards

Bonobo (2015) Music Direction
Score Arranged and Composed by
Violin Guitar and Vocals Performed by
Clip here
With team of Daniel Trachtenberg 
(Score Recording Engineer, Score Mix Engineer)
Julian Chou-Lambert (Additional Music)
Matthew Hammett Knott (Cello, Vocals)
Jack Patterson re: Clean Bandit
(Tenor Saxophone)

Film Directed by Matthew Hammett Knott
Starring James Norton, Tessa Peake-Jones, Orlando Seale
⚡ Nominee, Best UK Feature, Raindance Film Festival
⚡ Feature, Picturehouse Discover Tuesdays 

BBC Extreme Russia: Reggie Yates (2015)
Music Composition
String Arrangement and Recording
Piano and Vocal Recording
Watch here
Shared Composition and Production with 
Adam Lori and Daniel Trachtenberg
⚡Best Factual Programme, Edinburgh TV Awards
⚡Best Multi-Channel Programme, Broadcast Awards 

Under the Skin (2013) Violin, Music Department
Music by Mica Levi
Film Directed by Jonathan Glazer 
Starring Scarlett Johansson
⚡Best Composer, European Film Awards
⚡Best Music, Chicago Film Critic’s Association Awards 
⚡British Film of the Year, London Critics Circle Film Awards 
⚡Best Original Score, Los Angeles Film Critics Association

On This Island (2013) Music Direction
Score Arranged and Composed By
Violin guitar and vocals Performed By

⚡Golden Egg, Reykjavik Film Festival

ABC: The Taste (2013) Violin Recording
Music by Dru Masters
Starring Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson
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Music Albums: String Arrangements and Recordings

Listen to a playlist of all the tracks below
Fellow Pynins (2022)
Son David
From the album ‘Lady Mongreen’
Composition, String Arrangement and Recording

Michael Wookey (2022)
True Love $ Day
Composition, String Arrangement and Recording

Ian George (2019)
Kingdom of My Youth            
Composition, String Arrangement and Recording

Glassmaps (2017) Strangely Addicted
Composition, String Arrangement and Recording

Ghostpoet (2013) Some Say I So I Say Light
Violin Recording

Playlist Curation (Apple Music)

Alternative Classical: London
London's vibrant contemporary classical scene boasts a complex range of global textures. Here, you'll discover composers like Anna Meredith, whose pieces throb with percussive elements borrowed from glitch, electronic music, and club scenes. And you'll find out what Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood sounds like when working with Israeli and Indian classical musicians.

Listen here

Alternative Classical: New York
The “alt” in this movement doesn't just indicate the contributions of indie-rock talents like The National's Bryce Dessner; it also suggests an alternative to classical-music factionalism. Members of this scene gleefully combine lessons learned from early American minimalism with influences that include the European repertoire and the progressive edge of contemporary pop.

Listen here

Stravinsky Conducts Stravinsky
Given that this composer pushed orchestral vituosity to new heights with fiercely complex compositions such as The Rite of Spring, it makes sense that his own recordings have a singular energy. Stravinsky had a talent for making sure each layer of an extravagantly orchestrated piece had its moment to shine, an attribute that makes his conducting unmistable for fance of his powerful aesthetic. 

Listen here
Baltic Contemporary Classical
Arvo Pärt is the most famous member of this regional contemporary classical scene, but his profound sacred works aren't the only inspired music you'll encounter here. In this playlist, compositions that indulge in spellbinding chromatic vocal polyphony mix with pieces that, variously, feature big band-style stomp, Romantic-influenced orchestration, and experimental electronic timbres.

Deleted - dunno why...
European Kindness & Goat’s Cheese
Classic and fulfilling love filled 70s and 80s non-English language funky chunes - with some modern correlates and classics that just fit the bill.

Maybe you’ll like this one instead...

Art Installations/Experiences/Festival Management

Creative Producer, BitterSuiteBB
Royal Academy of Art, London (2017)
NESTA Future Fest (2016) 
Wilderness Festival (2017)
BAM Fisher Hillman Studio (2016)

Royal Academy Sensory Immersion Video here
Partnerships Manager, Open Senses Festival (London)
Memrise x National Rail x Sense UK
Minor Figures x Alissa Timochkina (Cook for Ukraine)
Lululemon x Rich Mix London

Multilingual Flashmob Video here
Founder and Managing Director, i=u Festival (London/NY)
Yinka Shonibare’s Guest Projects (2014)
Royal Academy of Art, Burlington Gardens Festival (2016)
Hackney Attic (2015)
Brooklyn Fire Proof (2015)
Rich Mix (2017)
Shoreditch Church (2017)

Partnerships: Yamaha Pianos, KinoVino, 52 Insights